Why Design-Build Focus is Critical for Your Project

Blueprints only tell part of the story

On paper, your project looks amazing, but in truth, real life is different. That’s why we’re present throughout the process from architect planning to engineering to the manufacture and installation of your Work Safe Access safety equipment.

We’re obsessed with safe access which is why we absolutely, positively, and without exception, visit every single site.

From the moment we consider a project, we start asking questions. Then we schedule a site visit so we can survey the site not only to measure but also to determine if there are any obstacles or site constraints that would impact the delivery and installation.

We also ask to meet with the actual “user” of the product to get their input. That input often leads to a design that is safer and makes more sense from the user’s standpoint. After all, that is who we are trying to keep safe.

Field Verifications and Structural Calculations

We can spot problems and come ready with solutions.

Remember, your Work Safe Access products are designed to safeguard against injury, accident, and death. The only way this can be done is by physically being on-site, taking measurements, assessing access points, talking with engineers and architects, and by understanding the site environment as a functioning system.

CAD-Drafted Submittals for Blueprint Overlays

Architects love working with us because they save time and drafting fees by using our engineer-stamped CAD drafts.

We include the corresponding structural calculations so that everyone needing access to the project plans can be informed about crucial details that become important at different phases of the project.

With Work Safe Access, there is no second-guessing the feasibility or measurements because our process includes rigorous documentation.

The Perfect Safety Access System for Your Space

Our modular Work Safe Access systems can be configured into countless customized combinations and are often used to increase workplace access to dumpsters, refuse, and recycling containers.

OSHA-Compliant Access Equipment

Work Safe Access follows OSHA compliance requirements to the letter.

Our modular and custom-designed components are built for even the most demanding worksite.