Customer care is our top priority

No matter the access system, you’ll receive attentive, all-hands customer care you won’t find anywhere else. When you need access, we deliver with speed, ease, and a relentless customer-first commitment.

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Field Verifications & Structural Calculations

Remember, your Work Safe Access products are designed to safeguard against injury, accident, and death. The only way this can be done is by physically being on-site, taking measurements, assessing access points, talking with engineers and architects, and by understanding the site environment as a functioning system.

Design & Layout Assistance

We’ll review your site conditions and architectural plans to determine a cost efficient and code compliant solution utilizing our standard components.

Wet-stamped Engineering Drawings

We can provide permit submittal documents and drawings in PDF or AutoCAD formats, stamped by a licensed structural engineer in your state.

Turnkey Installation

We provide turnkey installation services. We can coordinate with your contractor to install our product for its intended use. Our installation services help ensure your construction project has the critical backbone elements of safety access in place.

Custom Fabrication

We provide custom fabrication when our standard component sizes won’t work due to design or site constraints.

Full project management

We’re with you every step of the way

From the moment we consider a project, we start asking questions. Then we schedule a site visit so we can survey the site not only to measure but also to determine if there are any obstacles or site constraints that would impact the delivery and installation. We also ask to meet with the actual “user” of the product to get their input. That input often leads to a design that is safer and makes more sense from the user’s standpoint. After all, that is who we are trying to keep safe.