Stair and Ship’s Ladders

Stairs & Ladders

Aluminum Stairs and Ladders for Any Application


We’ll build the perfect safety access system for your environment

Whether you need a fixed or modular system, including stairs, ladders, platforms, or railing, we can design for any workspace needed.

Work Safe Access systems can be configured into countless, customized combinations to create safe workplace access anywhere, including dumpsters, refuse and recycling containers.

OSHA Compliant Access Equipment

Work Safe Access follows OSHA compliance requirements to the letter. Our universal prefabricated and custom-designed components are built for even the most demanding work site.

See how our stairs, ladders, railing, and platforms all comply with OSHA requirements.

Stair Strength

Work Safe Access stairs can withstand a minimum uniform load of 100 pounds per square foot.

If greater loading is required, we can build for heavier loads. Work Safe Access stair construction designs are adopted from OSHA’s regulations, so our stairs will always be in compliance.


OSHA requires stair treads to be slip-resistant. Work Safe Access stairs are designed with Grip Strut or Traction tread.

Rise height and tread width are uniform throughout any flight of Work Safe Access stairs, including any foundation structure used as one or more treads of the stairs.

StairWidth and Angle

All Work Safe Access stairs comply with the OSHA minimum width of 22 inches, but your system can be customized to accommodate wider dimensions. Our stair components are designed with an angle of stairway rise between 30 and 50 degrees to the horizontal.

We can design any uniform combination of rise and tread dimensions that will result in a safely constructed, stable stairway that is within the standard range as outlined by OSHA.