Safety Railing

Railing and Access Systems

Safety Railing for All Access Systems, from Rooftop to Basements


Railing for Stairs, Ladders, Platforms, Roof Hatches, and Rooftops

Our railings for rooftops, roof hatches, platforms, walkways, and stairs are designed to meet OSHA standards, and we perform onsite verification of architect blueprints to ensure you have the exact platform and railing you need.

Any railing acts as your first defense against accidents. We manufacture a wide range of rail options, but every option will be built within OSHA guidelines. We provide detailed measurements after every onsite examination and we design all railing solutions to fit your workplace perfectly.

OSHA Standards

Our standard railings are OSHA-compliant. From our easy-grip top rail to the added safety of the intermediate rail, and standard posts, Work Safe Access guardrails have a vertical height of 42 inches, measured from the upper surface of the top rail to floor, platform, runway, or ramp level.

Ideal Protection for Rooftops and Hatch Openings

Work Safe Access railings are ideal for rooftop protection. Our standard railings are constructed in accordance OSHA guidelines.

Use Work Safe Access railings to prevent accidental falls on all exposed sides to your roof hatches and stairways.