Generator Access Platforms

Generator and HVAC Safety Access

Generator platforms need to be OSHA-compliant and weather-resistant. Work Safe Access delivers customized safety access solutions that fit any environment, from the rooftop to the basement.


Generators and HVAC systems need regular inspections and maintenance. Often, these systems are placed on rooftops. This can increase the risk of injury if facilities and maintenance personnel cannot safely access these units. In addition to being on the roof, maintenance people also can face inclement weather, which makes some surfaces slippery.

Mitigate the risk and costs of a slip-and-fall by installing secure, rugged, and OSHA-compliant generator platforms and steps or a ladder. Every Work Safe Access solution comes complete with rails and chainguards that help keep your employees safe. Our platforms are perforated to drain excess water, making the walking surfaces clear and giving workers the confidence they need to focus on the job at hand.

We’ve custom-designed a wide range of solutions for access in difficult places and installation can happen in a matter of minutes. Our products are trusted every day to be the go-to solution for schools, utilities, and private businesses.

Call us today at 844-972-1136 and let us help you create a safer, more efficient workplace today.

Rooftop Access System Assembly

Rooftop Access Systems

Watch the video and see how simple it is to install a Work Safe Access generator platform and ladder. Learn more about our Rooftop Access Solutions, read the Snohomish County PUD case study, or contact us to discuss your safety access needs today.